Freedom with EFT

Addictions & Compulsions

Many people are never quite sure how they ended up relying on drugs, cigarettes or drinking to excess or why they suffer with other compulsive disorders. Often there is a hidden cause that sparks off the need for certain yearnings.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques has helped alleviate the need for such comforts and helped people change their life styles for the better.

If you've ever wished you could move away from the compulsive need for supports like drugs, drink, cigarettes or other compulsions then let EFT work with you and help dispel the constant yearning that often ruins peoples lives unnecessarily.

So many people have got their lives and self esteem back after working with an EFT Practitioner, why shouldn't it help you?

Give Freedom with EFT a call and let us work with you to help you change your life.


A few examples where addictions & compulsions effect people.

Food addictions
Nail biting
Nervous twitches
Compulsive Disorders


You Deserve to have a change of life, go for it!!

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