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Body Balancing

Life constantly puts a variety of stresses on our bodies each and every day and our bodies strive to readdress that balance. When one part of our skeleton goes out of alignment it is natural for other parts of our body to readjust themselves to try and keep the balance. Our muscles try to compensate for the misalignment causing an unnatural change in posture that can decrease mobility and in many cases cause pain and stress to the areas affected. If these imbalances are left untreated they can cause other problems throughout the body's subtle energy systems such as the chakras, meridians and aura. The body organs and major glands can also be affected causing, what would appear, unrelated health issues.

Peter uses a Bio-energetic Synchronisation technique to gently balance the body, through a series of procedures that adjust the the energy fields, producing a balance of the pelvis and legs and a feeling of wellbeing to the patient through the realignment of the natural energy fields and spine.

The Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique is based on the principle that a "stress-induced" energy imbalance can cause the body to divide into North and South areas of energy, and that the body's electromagnetic field controls the development and repair of the body. There is no "division" of energy in a healthy body and it is said by B.E.S.T. supporters that an imbalance in the patient's electromagnetic field causes unequal length in the legs due to a pelvic misalignment.



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