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It is so lovely for people to let us know how happy they are with EFT but we've deliberately withheld full names and addresses for confidential reasons. We hope you understand but can assure you that all the comments are genuine.
Dear Peter

Thank you so much for my treatment. I just had to write and tell you how much you've helped the situation between my mother and me with the marvellous EFT treatment that you use. I was amazed at how quickly we got to the root of the problem and had no idea how such a little thing, at the age of four, could have such a profound effect on my whole life. Once again thank you so very much. I feel I have my life back.


Dear Pete

What an amazing treatment EFT is. After working with me on my screaming migraine for just 15-20 minutes I was totally surprised at the lack of pain in my head. I normally would have had the day off work and gone to bed with a couple of pain killers, but you just made it disappear as if by magic. I know you explained how it works and that it is not magic, but it still felt like magic. Thank you so much for the advice and showing me the procedure to help me again, should it return at some time in the future.


Dear Peter

I don't understand this EFT thingy but I am amazed at its ability to relieve pain. When I came to you with my excruciating knee pain I was surprised when you held my hand and gently tapped my face and upper body whilst getting me to say a few words about my knee, Well.... the pain suddenly went, just like that, I was so surprised and you just smiled and said "it does that sometimes, now tell me about your trip to Hong Kong". It was then that I realised that I was a bit nervous about flying so far and wondered if that was why I had the pain. Any way we had a great time on our holiday and the knee pain has never come back. Thank you for your help, it has certainly made me aware of how my feelings can play on my mind.


Dear Peter

I just have to tell you that the EFT treatment that you used on me for my fear of water has blown me away. I had no idea that an incident at the age of three could have such an impact on my life. Since you treated me I've learnt to swim and happily walk around the decks of our boat with no fear, whether we're out at sea or putting out our fenders as we're coming in to moor up.
I look back and smile at the way I used to be on board and would never have believed it possible, it's now just a thing of the past thanks to you and EFT.

So many thanks and keep up the good work

Name initials withheld by request.

Dear Pete

I have to thank you for helping me with my neck problem. When you came into my office and saw me sat very stiffly up at my desk you kindly asked me if I needed any help, I just said to you "it's alright it's often like this" and you said you might be able to help. I thought you might have massaged or moved something and was most surprised when you talked to me about the past and started to gently tap my face and body, the pain seemed to just dissolve away and it has never come back. This EFT treatment is so amazing and I'm so glad you offered me your time and help, Thank you again.


Hi Peter

When you treated me for a bad lower back pain and didn't achieve the results that you had hoped for, you said that there might be a physical reason and suggested I visit my GP, well it turns out that I've got an awkward disc trapping a nerve and he's now getting me to have physiotherapy at my local hospital.
The reason for the note though, is to say thank you for talking to me, at the time, about the loss of my mother two years earlier. I had no idea that it was effecting me the way it had. I had had nightmares since my mother died but hadn't put the two together, until my chat with you. You helped me to see that I hadn't grieved and you brought it all out with your tapping and gentle talking. I haven't had a nightmare since the day you treated me. Thank you so much for all your help and bless you.

Name initials withheld by request.

Hi Pete

When I came to you so stressed out I was surprised at the way you handled it. Just holding my hand and tapping whilst talking to me all but put me to sleep. My blood pressure was quite high at the time, as I've suffer with this for some years, but after your treatment it was a lot lower. Is there any chance we can bottle this, it could help so many people. Well done and many thanks for showing my another way to be treated.


Dear Peter

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much better I feel after you used that bio energetic realignment thingy. I have had a lot of dull aches in my neck and back for some time now and your treatment has made quite a difference to the way I feel, I didn't realise that my hip being out of line could affect so many other parts of my body. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.


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