Freedom with EFT


It can be the most terrible thing to lose a partner, friend, relative or a pet, but the pain and suffering can be helped with Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT has helped relieve the mixed emotions of sadness, anger, guilt and loneliness created by bereavement and helped people move on from their grief without the huge amount of mixed emotions and feelings that this can so often cause.

Some people are strong and can understand that their deceased loved ones would not want them to stay living in the past, but for most people it is something that feels almost impossible.

EFT can help you to cope with the loss of loved ones and help you to see the way forward without the sadness.

A trained EFT practitioner will walk gently with you through all the emotions that bereavement can bring until you feel strong enough to cope with the future on your own.

Give Freedom with EFT a call and see if we can help you come to terms with your loss.

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