Freedom with EFT

Working with Children and Teenagers

The Emotional Freedom Techniques can help children and teenagers with emotional problems caused by such things as peer pressure, sibling rivalry, bullying at school, marriage brake-ups, self confidence, lack of achievement and bereavement to name but a few.

A trained EFT practitioner can help children and teenagers to come to terms with, and understand, the many emotional pressures placed on them by themselves and outside groups without the emotional trauma so often encountered when trying to cope, often on their own, with the problems of young life.

We work together with parents or relatives, depending where the problem might lay, to help our younger members of society work towards a fuller life.

If you have a problem with the things life throws at you in childhood or teenage years or know someone who has a problem then let EFT help to get yours or their life right for the future.


Just a few examples where EFT can help:
Parent Problems,
Brothers and Sisters,
Part-time work  colleagues,
Team Sports,
School and College friends,

The Future is inherited by the young, They deserve to be Happy!!

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