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The Freedom with EFT Practice is a new treatment practice specialising in the healing of peoples emotions, pains and traumas.
EFT started in America with Gary Craig and is now being used all over the world to help people overcome emotional difficulties ranging from fears & phobias to unaccountable pain and discomfort.
EFT can often work when other treatments have not delivered or have given up.


What we do:

The Freedom with EFT Practice specialises in helping people overcome personal emotions that effect them throughout their lives, often without them even being aware of the cause. The effects of emotional trauma in early life, or even later in life, can leave sub-conscious scars that can effect us throughout our lives without us being aware of the effects. It is often only when a physical pain or affliction appears that we are remotely aware that something is amiss or out of balance with our bodies and lives.

At Freedom with EFT we use a combination of the Emotional Freedom Techniques, Bio energetic synchronisation, Vibrational healing,  Magnetic Therapy and Crystals to help people through their problems be it physical or emotional.
Freedom with EFT can  help to realign the energy fields and emotions and bring back the balance, often with amazing results over a relatively short space of time and without the use of drugs or invasive means.

Total confidentiality gives you the freedom to solve your problems in the knowledge that no one else will ever know what you've gone through. We work with you, supporting, helping and guiding you through each phase of your problem, letting you choose the direction and depth you wish to go to, in any one treatment. All our treatments are non-invasive and non-controlling, you are always in charge and can stop the treatment at any point where you feel really uncomfortable.

It has been often been quoted that EFT often works where nothing else will.

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