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Useful Tips for Self Healing

We've put together some useful pieces of self healing to help you through your life with the everyday problems of physical and psychological health. Most are to help you have a feeling of well-being and others are just useful if you have the need. We hope to expand this page on a regular basis so it will be worth popping by from time to time and just updating yourself with the new tips.


The triad method as it is called requires you to gently slap three special acupressure points to stimulate energy flow and balance the 14- channel meridian system. This quick three-point intervention works like a jump-start to the meridian system.

When you're upset, balance your YANG (+) and YIN (-) energies by treating the meridian system with the fast and effective Triad Treatment.

The Triad Treatment:

Step 1. Crown of Head - Gently slap with the flat of your hand on the mid-line at the top of your head, about 1 inches forward from the actual crown. Tapping this point stimulates all Yang meridians, distributing energy downward to lower parts of your body.

Step 2. Inner Wrist - Slap sharply 3 fingers above your inner wrist crease on each forearm to stimulate all Upper Yin channels. The polarity of yin energy is opposite to yang. Yin meridians tend to distribute energy upwards. The Inner Wrist points send yin energy to the upper part of your body.

Step 3. Inner Ankle - Slap sharply with 4 fingers above the point of your ankle on the inside of each leg. From this point, you stimulate all Lower Yin meridians. Your Inner Ankle points send yin energy upward, thus serving all lower areas of your body. This finishes balancing yang and yin polarities.

1. Crown of Head

2. Inner Wrist
3. Inner Ankle
This exercise works on a tapping point that is very easy to find and use at any time. It is very effective when you are experiencing irrational fear or a panic attack. The exercise is the simplest single procedure you can have in your emotional first-aid kit, and can be so effective.

To help your Fear :

Step 1: Locate the indent between your lower finger bones on the back of your hand, between your ring finger and little finger, just behind the knuckles.

Step 2: Tap this area with two or three fingers (three can cover the point better) from your other hand for about one minute. Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to breathe consciously and steadily, this will help you gain control.

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