Freedom with EFT

Peter Hayton

Peter has always worked with people since he left school in 1963 and has felt an affinity to helping them whenever they were down or needed help. He has always loved biology and felt that there was a calling towards healing after he used alterative medicine when the normal medical profession said they could do nothing more for his own health. Suffering, at the age of 15, with a permanently irritated nasal system Peter under-went a series of tests followed by various operations only to be told, at 25, that they could do no more for him and that he would have to use nasal sprays and tablets for the rest of his life. With the encouragement of his wife, Anne, Peter sought help, from a homeopathic healer to solve his allergic rhinitis, with good effect and his life improved tremendously.

Later after suffering with a hiatus hernia and irritable bowel syndrome for nearly 3 years, diagnosed by the hospital, he was told that operations and diet were the only way to treat him. Peter's wife encouraged him, again, to seek help from an alternative practitioner, named David Broom, who healed through diet and energy healing. After only three months he was feeling so well that he realised that there was another, less invasive, way to heal people. It was during one of his visits to David that it was suggested that he might find a course on EFT interesting, the rest, as they say, is history.

After studying and qualifying as a practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques Peter has gone on to build a successful EFT practice in Poole, Dorset, He has also been developing his interest in the field of Energy Medicine through his friend and colleague, Stephen Coburn. Totally inspired by the energy and direction of Energy Healing Peter has been learning the techniques of Pelvic Alignment & SOTAI, Vibrational Medicine, Crystal Healing and Self Empowerment.

It is his hope that he and others like him will be able to show the public that all of this 21st century medicine is another way to feel well. The techniques have been developed from the ancients who knew, and were so much more in tune with, energy, nature and the universe than we are today. It is a fact often stated by the late Vibrational Medicine developer, healer and teacher, Jack Temple that “We come from the earth and to the earth we return, therefore surely it follows that the earth and nature hold the key to our healing.”

Peter is a member of the British Holistic Medical Association, British Complementary Medicine Association and the Association of Energy Therapists. It is his complete belief that the field of energy healing is the 21st century alternative medicine, and that the power of healing lies in the hands of each and every one of us.


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