Freedom with EFT

Magnetic Therapy for Trapped Emotions

Throughout our lives emotions can get trapped in our bodies and affect the positive energies of our organs, meridians, aura and muscles. Left untreated they can manifest themselves as physical pain, disease and illness.

The treatment used by Peter involves testing for trapped emotions and their location. Once a trapped emotion is located, testing is completed by ascertaining what type of emotion was trapped, when the emotion became lodged in the body and the cause of the emotion. Armed with all the relevant information about the trapped emotion Peter uses special magnets, designed specifically for healing, to remove the trapped emotion from the body, allowing a feeling of well-being and relief from the pain and trauma that was caused by the trapped emotion.

Some patients feel instant relief whilst others have reported feeling a gentle improvement over a period of time, as the body gently heals itself, after the damage left by the trapped emotion. Sometimes it is only the people nearest to you or friends that notice the change and not yourself, so gentle is the healing.



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